Warranty and Warning Explanation

Lithium Batteries SA – Warranty Policy


LBSA Built Units 10 Year or 4500 cycles (9000 Cycles on BMS display) Warranty Applicable for all batteries purchased from 2022/11/21

  • This warranty is valid only on LBSA Built units where applicable.
  • Any physical damage to the battery box, display, terminals, buttons and or any other part of the battery automatically voids the warranty.
  • Removal or damage of Warranty sticker voids the warranty.
  • Any sign or water or liquid damage voids the warranty.
  • Damage caused during courier is not covered under this warranty.
  • Damage due to improper installation: loose terminal connections, under-sized cabling, incorrect connections (Series and parallel) for desired voltage and AH requirements or reverse polarity connections.
  • All installations should comply to all relevant SANS regulations and should have a valid COC issued. (Surge protection on both PV and AC input is essential)
  • Damage due to over charge or over discharge voids warranty.
  • When utilizing CANbus communication only PIN 4 and PIN 5 on the battery side can be used. Using pins other than pin 4 and 5 could cause damage to the BMS and will void the warranty.
  • Batteries that have been opened, modified or tampered with automatically voids this warranty.
  • When lodging a warranty claim the unit needs to be brought in to LBSA offices at Unit 9, The Gables Commercial Park, 617 Maretsel Pl, Wychwood, Johannesburg. LBSA will not be liable for shipping fees for a unit that is older than 3 Months or if the unit was collected by the customer or courier arrange by the customer and not through LBSA.
  • Low voltage batteries or batteries with single cells that have inconsistent voltages can be returned to LBSA for balancing of the cells.
  • Removal of any LBSA logo or writing on any item automatically voids the warranty.
  • Any changes made to the battery BMS parameters will result in immediate termination of your warranty. 


1 Year Warranty on all DIY Items, Cells and BMS’s

  • All new BMS’s, LiFePo4 Cells as well as 2nd Life Cells have a 1-year warranty.
  • This warranty covers the working of the product and does not cover any physical damage to the product.
  • It is very important and necessary to read the Warranty and safety/installation precautions carefully before installing or using the product. Failure to do so or to follow any of the instructions or warnings in this document can result in electrical shock, serious injury or death, and could damage the cells/BMS, or potentially rendering it inoperable.
  • Please recharged the cells within 12 hours, after fully discharged.
  • All cells must be used in conjunction with a suitable BMS, lack of BMS or improper connection of a BMS voids the warranty. 
  • All the cell/battery terminals must be disconnected before any maintenance
  • Do not use cleaning solvents to clean the cells or BMS.
  • Do not expose Cells to flammable or harsh chemicals, or corrosive gases or liquids.
  • Do not paint any part of cells or BMS including any internal or external components.
  • Do not expose the cells or BMS to direct sunlight for extended periods of time.
  • Do not connect cells or BMS with PV solar wiring directly.
  • Do not insert any foreign object into any part of the battery pack, this can cause wear and tear on the cells causing a short circuit.
  • Removal of any LBSA logo or writing on any item automatically voids the warranty.



  • Do not touch the cells with wet hands.
  • Do not crush, drop or puncture the cells.
  • Always dispose of the cells according to local safety regulations.
  • Do not reverse the polarity when installing.
  • Do not short circuit the terminals, remove all jewellery items that could cause a short circuit before installation and handling
  • Disconnect battery from power or loads, and then power off battery before installation and maintenance.
  • Continued operation of a damaged battery pack can result in damage or injury.
  • Ensure that all products, including but not limited to LiFePo4 Cells, DIY kits, BMS’s, Circuit breakers, Terminals, Busbars etc. are well isolated and secured when installing.

Any loophole, exception or situation not explained or listed in the above warranty will be evaluated and an outcome or solution will be determined with sole discretion by LBSA with fair consideration.