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Resellers/Installers Account Agreement

Lithium Batteries SA has taken a decision to assist resellers and Installers in the Solar and Battery Backup industry by giving them the access to our products at a reduced rate in order to allow installers and resellers to profit from reselling our products while still being competitive in the market. Below is a list of our Terms and Conditions to qualify for Resellers Discounts.
Terms and conditions
All companies who wish to become Resellers or Installers need to comply with the below Terms and Conditions.
Becoming a Reseller/Installer
In order to qualify as a Reseller we would require the following
  • Proof of Company Registration 
  • Vat Number or proof that you are not yet eligible to be a VAT Vendor
  • Proof of previous installations as well as references of your work done
  • Proof of online company presence (Facebook Page/Website/ Google My Business Listing)

Minimum order quantities
As a reseller a minimum of 2 batteries needs to be bought within your first two weeks of being a reseller. Thereafter a minimum of 5 x Batteries needs to be purchased per month in order to maintain resellers discounts.

If the minimum order quantities are not met Lithium Batteries SA has the right to either terminate the resellers discounts or reduce the percentage of discount given until the minimum order quantity is reached again.

Purpose of the resellers account
As mentioned above the resellers account has been put in place to assist companies who are actively advertising and selling our products to end users in a business capacity. This is not BUDDY system where you can register your business and then sell to your friends and family at the same price that you pay. Please be considerate towards us as a company as well as our other resellers who are also selling our products in the market in order to make a living.

Responsibilities of a reseller.
As a reseller you have the responsibility to learn our products. This includes the functionality, abilities, restrictions and proper ways that the products should be used. You are welcome to schedule an appointment with one of our consultants should you require any form of assistance or training on our products.

It is the responsibility of the installers and resellers to have knowledge of the legal and technical aspects of solar, backup and other relevant battery installations.

Resellers and installers are expected to clearly understand and explain to their customers the terms and conditions of our warranties. 

After sales service is the responsibility of the reseller/installer. End users contacting Lithium Batteries SA stating that the reseller or installer is not willing to assist or that the reseller/installer referred them to contact us will lose their discounts permanently.