Luxpower SNA 5000 and 10.6kWh Wall Mount LBSA Battery Combo

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ECO Hybrid Inverter
Model SNA5000 WPV
Solar Charger Mode:
Max.PV input voltage(VOC) 480VDC
MPPT voltage range 120 - 385VDC
Number of input strings 2
Max. charge current 110A
AC Charger Mode:
AC input 230VAC,50Hz/60Hz,40A,1Φ
Max. AC charge current 60A
Battery Mode:
Battery input voltage range 38.4 - 60VDC
Type of battery Lead-acid/Lithium
Rated power 5000VA/5000W
AC output 230VAC,50Hz/60Hz,22A,1Φ
Altitude <2000m
Operating ambient temperature range 0 - 50°C
Display LCD + LED
Protective class I
Ingress protection IP 20
Communication WIFI / GPRS


Nominal Voltage (V) 51.2V
Nominal Capacity(Ah) 208AH
Nominal Power (kWh) >10.6kWh
Dimensions 750mm*135mm*520mm
Weight (Kg) 86kg
Discharge Cut-offVoltage(V) 44V
Charge Voltage (Bulk + Absorbtion)(V) 56.2V
Max Discharge Current (A) 200A
Recommended Charge Current (A) 100A
Communication Interface CAN
Configuration 2P 16S
Working Temperature 0~50°C(Charge)
Cell Chemistry Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4)
Cycle Life >80% capacity state after 4800 cycles at 0.5C, 25°C,100% DOD
IP Level >IP20