Built Unit Battery Monitor cable

32700 8 Cell Connector Busbar for 6ah cells

32700 8 Cell Connector Busbar for 6ah cells

2p 63a 1000v DC PV Circuit Breaker

2p 63a 1000v DC PV Circuit Breaker

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Download Driver

Download BMS Monitor 

Download and unzip the driver as Below 

Install the driver as below images.

After the drivers are installed, proceed by Downloading the BMS monitor software.

Extract all files.

Select the “Battary Monitor “

If the “Windows Protected your PC” is prompted, select more Info and then select Run Anyway.

You will now be able to access the Battery Monitor.

Ensure that you have inserted the BMS Monitor Cable to the Parallel port of the Battery and that all dip switches are on 0.

If more than one battery is used in parallel with parallel communication you would have to break the parallel communication connection in order to use the Battery Monitor.

The Battery and BMS need to be on when accessing the Battery Monitor.

***Not to be used on units with a version lower than VERSION2.8***(VERSION NUMBER HIGHLIGHTED IN RED IN ABOVE IMAGE)

Ensure to select the EN version under “Import Protocol”

When connecting to the BMS, ensure to select the correct port (this can be tested by unplugging the cable from your PC to see which port is no longer available to select.) 

Baud rate to be set to 19200.

Selecting the CAN dropdown would give you the option of BMS communication protocols.

Below is a list of protocols and associated inverters.


Pylontech  - Other Generic Pylontech protocols such as Goodwe

Victron(Default) - Victron, Growatt, Sacolar, Deye, Sunsynk

LuxPower - LuxPower (Select LuxPower Protocol on inverter)

SMA On-Grid - SMA on-grid systems

SMA Off-Grid  - ( Choose SMA OFF Grid if charging current instruction from BMS is less than 56)

In order to confirm that the CANbus communication protocol change has taken effect, disconnect the connection and reconnect. Check if the “Manufacturer” name has changed accordingly.