LFR60200 3.2V 50Ah cylindrical LiFePO4 Lithium Iron Phosphate battery cell

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Price is per single cell

Item Specification
Nominal Voltage 3.2V
Nominal Capacity(@40A 25℃, CC-CV charge) 50Ah
Energy(@40A 25℃, CC-CV charge) 160Wh
Energy Density 145Wh/kg
Size φ60*200mm
Weight 1.1±0.2kg
Max Charge Protection Voltage 3.65V
Cut-off Discharge Voltage 2.5V(≥ 0℃)
2.0V(< 0℃)
Max Continuous Discharge Current 50A
Max Continuous Charge Current 50A
Max pluse charge current 1.5C (15℃~45℃, 50%SOC) ≤30S
Max pluse discharge current 3C (15℃~45℃, 50%SOC) ≤30S
Internal Impedance(1 Hz AC, 10%SOC, 25℃) <0.6mΩ
Cycle life at 1C charge and 1C discharge, 100%DOD,25℃) ≥2000 to 80% initial capacity

Working Temperature
Charge 0℃~+50℃,≤85%RH
Not allow to charge when lower 0 ℃
Discharge -20℃~+55℃,≤90%RH
Recommend discharge current ≤25A @ < 0 ℃
Storage Temperature -10℃~+30℃,<85%RH
Warranty One Year