6s 7s 8s Active Balancer

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Li-ion/Lifepo4 /Lipo
Balance start voltage: 3.0V-4.2V
Balance termination voltage: 2.9V (into undervoltage sleep state)
Maximum Balance current: The whole group error is 0.1V1A; 0.5V3.5A; 1.0V5.5A (18awg 30CM cable test)
3S quiescent current Full state: (4.2v*3cell) 12.6V 12mA
4S quiescent current Full state: (4.2v*4cell) 16.5V 15mA
7S quiescent current Full power state: (4.2v*7cell) 29.4V 15mA
8S quiescent current Full power state: (4.2v*7cell) 33.6V 14mA
No external power supply is required, and the internal energy transfer of the battery is used to transfer and the entire set batteries pack in balance.
Working environment temperature: 0-60 degrees