LBSA 6kWh 48v 120Ah LiFePO4 Lithium Iron Phosphate Wall Mount Smart Battery

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6.1KWH Capacity

6.1KW Max Continuous Load 
Cycle life

12000 cycles @ 100% dod, 50% capacity retention.
4000 cycles @ 100% dod, 80% capacity retention.

5 Year Warranty


CAN Bus Comms: Victron,Growatt,Sunsync

Bulk + Absorption: 56v (Auto When coms to Victron)
Float : 54v(Auto When coms to Victron)
Low Voltage Cut Off: 48v(Auto When coms to Victron)
Continuous Charge/Discharge For Single Unit: 100A
Charge for Parallel units: (100A*"Units In parallel") / 2 (Auto When coms to Victron)
Discharge for Parallel units: 100A * "Units in parallel (Auto When coms to Victron)

Display Definitions: 
OV - Warn: high pressure alarm 
OV - Prot: over-voltage protection
UV - Warn: low pressure alarm
UV - Prot: under-voltage protection
OT-Warn:High temperature alarm
OT-Prot:Over temperature protection
UT - Warn: low temperature alarm
UT - Prot: low temperature
OC - Warn: over-current alarm
OC - Prot: over-current protection
CAPA - Warn: remaining capacity of the alarm
OFF - USE: failure alarm
SCP:Short circuit protection


Victron To LBSA
LBSA CAN Address Dial