24V 8s DALY Smart 100AH 2nd Life LiFePO4 Lithium Iron Phosphate DIY Kit

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Now you can have the ultimate battery at an affordable price. 

Build your own battery with this all-inclusive DIY kit
What's inside the box?

*** Please note that these cells are 2nd Life cells from a canceled EV (Electric vehicle) order, thus terminals are laser welded on and cells wrapped by the supplier ***

***All cells have been capacity tested and have above 100ah capacity remaining***

- 8 x 100AH 2nd Life 3.2v LiFePO4 New A Grade Cells 
- 7 x Connector sets
- LBSA DALY 100a 8S 24V LiFePO4 Smart BMS VIEW
-  LBSA Smart BMS Bluetooth Module  VIEW
- LBSA Smart BMS Touch Display  VIEW
- Some extra nuts and bolts that you will need
- 2x1m black+ 2x1m red 8AWG fine stranded tin coated copper wire
- All cables are crimped with the required tin coated copper lugs